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.. its like walking into a room where everyone speaks Russian.. – except me.

Right, here goes nothing..

I’ve just posted my first photo, and now I’m posting my first … uh what’s the word I’m grasping for… oh yes, ‘posting’..

I must admit I’m feeling my age right now cos I’ve not got a clue how blogging works. I’ve suddenly become the boy who’s been held back in school by thirty years looking at all the other kids (anyone under 35)  blogging like they were born with a domain in the hand instead of a dummy, I’m left feeling like the only one who’s not been told a secret, or the soul person to forget about a maths test.. (shudder).

Am I alone? Do all new bloggers feel like they’ve been given a left hand drive car?  I’d only just got used to Face Book..

Well I’m not in tears yet.. but can’t promise I’ll not be by the end of the day.

I need to practice though, so forgive any “jeez, what the hell is he doing” errors please..


Roger :)

btw – do you like my first Dashboard photo..?  Its Cape Town from my bedroom balcony. Stunning eh?!